Meet SABAH Super Athlete, Liam!

SABAH is an amazing organization made up of inspiring athletes,
as well as dedicated teachers and volunteers. My son, Liam, is one of those SUPER ATHLETES.

Brian O’Donnell, SABAH volunteer and father of Liam

Liam, on a daily basis, and during Wednesday nights at Niagara University, teaches me about what it means to set a goal, work to achieve that goal, and accomplish that goal by the end of the SABAH season through practice and perseverance.

On a personal level, SABAH has strengthened the bond between me and Liam as we work together on the exciting adventure to become better skaters. In October of the 2015-2016 season, I had just learned to skate at age 37, a few months before Liam joined SABAH. Skating with each other has brought our entire family closer and skating has become a major part of our lives.

Liam’s excitement for ice skating is infectious, as he frequently asks about when it is time to go skating, and how much he looks forward to seeing all of his skating friends, coaches, and volunteers. This is what SABAH makes possible.

Liam’s ultimate goal is to one day play hockey. It is part of what drives his love of skating and to see him show such a determined work ethic to gain the skills to skate independently so that he can one day play hockey is another great experience SABAH has provided for both of us.

Brian O’Donnell
SABAH volunteer and father of Liam

As we joyfully celebrate the spirit of more than 800 SABAH "super athletes" like Liam, we remain grateful for your support during this holiday season and throughout the year.