Special Needs Program in Schools

SABAH works with special needs athletes of all ages through programs in coordination with Buffalo Public Schools and private schools.

School Day Adaptive Ice Skating (SDAIS)

SABAH’s largest program, the School Day Adaptive Ice Skating (SDAIS) program serves students who are both economically challenged and challenged by physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities or a combination of disabilities.

As the only program of its type in the United States, students’ individual developmental goals are achieved through the use of adaptive equipment and specialized instructional strategies.

The Children’s Guild Foundation’s Summer Athletes Bold at Heart

SABAH also provides adaptive turf-based physical education over the summer months, with a curriculum specially designed for children challenged by disability and economic disadvantage in the region’s schools.

“When our kids are in gym, they’re not the best in kickball or the best in basketball. They gym teachers do the best they can, but our kids don’t have the ability to shine in sports. SABAH is geared specifically for the multiply handicapped child, to bring out the best in all these children.”

The Buffalo News, March 4, 2011 Michael T. Lucas

Teacher, Buffalo Public School #45