Vincent Morreale October Athlete of the Month

As you look out over SABAH’s Wednesday evening program at Niagara University, you’ll likely see Vincent Morreale standing tall above everyone in the rink.  At approximately 6’3”, the 26 year-old is an accomplished skater in Niagara’s most advanced group. With the support of his father and volunteer partner, Nick Morreale, Vincent has been a vital part of the Niagara program for over 15 years!  Each week during the SABAH season, Vincent works diligently to improve his skills and master the complexities of the Group 3 routine. As one of the physically strongest members of the group, Vincent is often assigned the task of anchoring the dynamic pinwheel formations.

Vincent is also a gentle giant who is as sweet as he is tall.  With his kind spirit and quiet nature, Vincent sings songs and talks to his dad throughout the weekly sessions. The bond between the father and son is so strong that Vincent is often seen with his arms draped around his dad as he maneuvers around the rink.  The close-knit pair also enjoy eating a “pre-game dinner” together at the Dwyer Arena Snack Bar prior to their Wednesday evening sessions, a tradition they started years ago.  

For all his dedication and hard work over many years, SABAH is pleased to name Vincent Morreale as the 2019 October Athlete of the Month!