Steryianie Papaefthimiou – January Athlete of the Month

SABAH is excited to ring in the New Year by naming the bubbly and effervescent Steryianie Papaefthimiou as the January Athlete of the Month. With her lighthearted personality and high level of energy, Steryianie is always ready to try something new! Each Sunday morning during the SABAH season, Steryianie joins with her volunteer partner, Shannon Haugeto, to practice her skills and fly around the rink as fast as she can. The fearless duo is always seen laughing and joking while they work to improve Steryianie’s strength and independence. While Steryianie has been with SABAH intermittently since 1999, over the past five years she has committed to working very diligently to improve her abilities.

In addition to her hard work and determination, Steryianie is also a kind and compassionate friend to her fellow skaters at the Northtown Center. She is often the first person to check on anyone who has fallen or console someone who is having a difficult day. Steryianie also brings great joy to the session, as she cheerfully greets and jokes with her fellow SABAH athletes as they practice their routines. As a SABAH athlete who has been dedicated and determined, as well as thoughtful to her fellow athletes, we are pleased to name Steryianie Papaefthimiou as the January Athlete of the Month!