September Athlete of the Month – Sarah Doueck

In 1993, a very determined 8 year old skater began a courageous journey with SABAH.  Each week since her first days with SABAH, Sarah Doueck has worked diligently to improve her skating skills.  Now 34 years old, Sarah has progressed to the point where she is an accomplished skater who enjoys the faster and more complex routines of Northtown Center at Amherst’s Group 3.  With a desire to improve her skills even further, Sarah has also participated in SABAH’s Summer Skate Sessions.

In addition to becoming a very proficient skater, Sarah has also become a tremendously thoughtful and compassionate SABAH athlete.  Over the past 26 years, Sarah has made very close friendships with both her fellow athletes and many of the program’s volunteers.  When Sarah arrives at the rink each week with her fellow housemates, Amy Hartman and Leah Silkes, she is warmly greeted by her many friends. “Sarah is a mainstay at the Northtown Center at Amherst,” states Executive Director, Sheila O’Brien.  “She is a central part of Group 3, as well as the entire rink.  She is a true role model for everyone there, as you can’t help but notice how hard she works.”  For all her dedication and perseverance, SABAH is pleased to name Sarah Doueck as the 2019 September Athlete of the Month!