SABAH’s July Athlete of the Month, Sam Perison, has been named one of the featured coaches of the 2017 Kickstock Kickball Festival.  During the past season, Sam skated in SABAH’s Saturday morning program at the Hamburg Rink with volunteer, Brian Finnerty.  As a result of the friendship that grew between the pair throughout the season, Brian invited Sam to be an honorary coach for his Kickstock Kickball Team, the Motley Krew.  Sam eagerly accepted the offer to reunite with his volunteer, but the tide will turn as Sam will be the one encouraging Brian to give his best effort during the annual tournament on July 8, 2017.

Although Sam now skates in the Hamburg morning program, the 15 year old student at first began in SABAH’s School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program in 2011.  Through his perseverance and work ethic, Sam continually improved during the four years he attended the program with his classmates from the Cantilician Center.  Following his participation in the School Day program, Sam wanted to continue with SABAH in the weekend program at Hamburg.  From the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, Sam was paired with his weekly partner, Brian.  Through Brian’s encouragement and the support of the Hamburg crew, Sam continues to make great progress as he perseveres through visual impairment and the challenges of Cerebral Palsy.  Each week, SABAH’s Hamburg team witnesses Sam make considerable progress toward his dream of playing hockey.  With great joy and appreciation, SABAH is pleased to honor Sam Perison as the July Athlete of the Month!