Each week during the SABAH season, Ryan Koteras enthusiastically leads the warm up exercises for SABAH athletes and volunteers in Group 3.  A born leader, Ryan demonstrates the stretching routine for his fellow athletes in the advanced group and then eagerly practices his skating skills.   Although Ryan is only 10 years old, he began with SABAH when in 2010 when he was just 3 years old.  Since that time, Ryan has progressed from the beginning group to an independent skater in the most advanced group.  SABAH’s Director of Programming, Carrie Drabik, states, “Ryan has grown into a tremendous asset for Group 3.  His optimistic attitude and willingness to work hard have made him a positive role model for other athletes challenged by disability.”

Ryan has also become a talented hockey player in SABAH’s Adaptive Ice Hockey program.  Through his years of practice and hard work, Ryan was able to join the Adaptive Hockey program in 2013.  Even at his young age, Ryan finds great joy in playing hockey and has become a talented player in the program.

Ryan’s progress has been noticed by many, including his devoted family.  Ryan’s mom, Gina, states, “Ryan has become so confident in everything he does because of SABAH, from his classes in school to making friends. If there was one quote I could come up with from Ryan, I would have to say it is, ‘I got this, mom.  I got this.’  Thank you SABAH, and all of his helpers, for giving him that confidence.”    In honor of Ryan’s dedication and hard work over the past seven years, SABAH is very pleased to honor him as the August Athlete of the Month.