Phillip Byars serves in many roles at the Riverside Rink on Tuesday evenings.  In addition to being a dedicated and hardworking SABAH athlete, Phillip also serves as a tour guide, greeter, cheerleader, and volunteer mentor.  Each week when Phillip arrives at the rink, he takes great delight in serving as a tour guide for his group home staff.  With bubbly enthusiasm, Phillip points out all of the different parts of the rink to those who bring him as he makes his way to the locker room.  Phillip is also a cheerful greeter for his fellow SABAH athletes.  With a kind heart and constant smile, Phillip offers a warm greeting to each person he sees as he walks through the rink.  As the cheerleader of Riverside’s Group 1, Phillip shows concern for all of his fellow athletes when they fall and quickly maneuvers his way to assist them back to their feet.  Once back up, Phillip encourages them to keep moving and not give up.  Phillip is also the perfect SABAH athlete to mentor our new volunteers.  Although he is just 25 years old, Phillip is a SABAH veteran who has been skating with the organization since 1997.  With his years of experience and his continual kindness, SABAH instructors often assign Phillip to our new volunteers so that he can teach them how the session progresses and ways they can assist other SABAH athletes.

Phillip is a steadfast SABAH athlete who is one of the reasons the Riverside Rink works like a family.  His joyful attitude and thoughtfulness brighten everyone’s day from the minute he walks in the door.  For all of the roles he serves in SABAH’s Riverside program, we are pleased to name Phillip as the 2018 March Volunteer of the Year.