Dan Yager

November Athlete of the Month

Since 1995, SABAH has enjoyed the joyful spirit and enthusiastic attitude of Dan Yager.  As a 33 year old SABAH, veteran, Dan is an inspirational role model for other SABAH athletes.  Each week throughout the season, Dan comes to the Riverside Rink with tremendous eagerness and a strong work ethic.  With the support of his volunteer partner and nephew, Jimmy Meyer, Dan diligently works to improve his skills and to skate as fast as he possibly can.

When Dan began his journey with SABAH 22 years ago, he started in the Beginner Group at the Lafayette Rink on Tuesday evenings.  Throughout his time with SABAH, he progressed from novice skater to the Advanced Group, now at the Riverside Rink.  Dan’s skills also improved to the point where he became a capable volunteer for SABAH’s School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program.  Prior to his current employment at People, Inc., Dan volunteered on a weekly basis for non-weight bearing children in the School Day program.

As a SABAH athlete, Dan is a favorite among his peers.  Each week, he keeps his fellow athletes motivated with his optimism and sense of humor.  Dan also has a great memory and often reminisces with his friends about many of the events that happened when he was a younger SABAH athlete.

Dan has enjoyed prior awards with SABAH, as he was named a SABAH Ambassador in 2009 and honored with the Emily Hermance Spirit Award in 2013.  For his continued determination and dedication, we are now pleased to honor Dan as the 2017 October Athlete of the Month.