Mollene Bitting – January Athlete of the Month

There’s no better way to start the New Year than by celebrating the enthusiasm and joy of one of our more “senior” skaters, Mollene Bitting.  At 56 years of age, Mollene is one of SABAH’s most energetic and eager participants in the Sunday morning sessions at the Northtown Center on Ice.  Since Mollene began with SABAH in 2002, the effervescent skater has advanced from the beginner group to a solid skater in the intermediate group.  Mollene works so diligently that she has developed her own skating style known to all as “The Mollene Shuffle.” 

Mollene also enjoys the encouragement of her housemates, who cheer her on from the stands of the Northtown Center.  Affectionately dubbed “the Mollene cheering squad,” this vocal chorus of cheerleaders encourages Mollene, as well as all of the other SABAH athletes practicing on the ice. 

While SABAH is proud of all of our athletes challenged by disability, nothing resonates more with us than when we witness one of our athletes overcome many different challenges to participate in our programs.   At 56, Mollene is one of our older skaters, yet remains fearless on the ice.  She is also determined to be physically active in spite of disability.  And, as someone who is unable to drive or take public transportation, Mollene relies on her dedicated group home staff to bring her to the weekly Sunday sessions.   As a model of courage and perseverance, SABAH is pleased to name Mollene Bitting as the 2019 January Athlete of the Month.