Michael Checko

April Athlete of the Month

Since 2004, Michael Checko has been one of the hardest working athletes in SABAH’s Hamburg Town Rink program.  Each Saturday morning during the skating season, Michael arrives at the rink with a smiling face, an eager spirit, and outstretched arms to hug his friends. While he started in Group 1 over 14 years ago, his hard work and determination accelerated his progress and he was quickly moved into the advanced Group 3.

Michael continues to exemplify tremendous leadership in his Hamburg group.  Always determined to give his best effort, Michael will quickly accept changes to improve the routine.

Several years ago, Michael became famous for leading the Hamburg Group in a Mighty Ducks “flying V” formation.  The performance featured Michael holding a hockey stick in his raised arm and heroically leading his group across the ice in the 2011 show. While Michael is still known for his legendary performance, his enthusiasm for each Celebration on Ice show has never wavered.  During the 2018 Celebration on Ice, Michael delighted in being part of the last performance of the show, a dazzling routine with complex choreography that celebrated an adventure through India.

SABAH is pleased to commemorate Michael Checko’s enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance by naming him the 2018 April Athlete of the Month.  Congratulations, Michael!