2017 March Athlete of the Month

Meghan Richardson

SABAH athlete, Meghan Richardson, is closing in on nearly two decades with SABAH!  The sweet and reserved 22 year old has been skating in the Niagara University program since 1998.  Meghan is a hard working SABAH athlete who prefers the assistance of a volunteer to a walker.  “Meghan strives for independence,” states Executive Director, Sheila O’Brien.  “She pushes the walker away, insisting to hold on to her mom and a volunteer.  She very much wants to gain more strength and freedom.”  Meghan is also one of SABAH’s most loveable athletes, as the charming 22 year old will softly kiss your hand and share her kind smile with her friends at the rink.

Meghan’s positive attitude is also a direct result of the love and attention of her devoted family.  Meghan’s mom, Cyndi Richardson, faithfully brings Meghan to SABAH each week and skates by her side during the entire SABAH session.  Her brothers, Nick and Sean, are similarly committed to Meghan and often volunteer with her at the Niagara rink.

Meghan and her family are also known for their strong support of SABAH.  Led by Meghan’s dad, Paul, the Richardson’s are always among the highest fundraisers during the annual Skate-A-Thon.  For the past three years in a row, Meghan has been the grand prize winner of the Skate-A-Thon!

Meghan continues to bring joy and inspiration to the Niagara University program, as well as support for the entire organization.  For all of her efforts, we are very pleased to name Meghan Richardson as the 2017 March Athlete of the Month.