Lettie Cartonia and Robin Pajak – April Athlete of the Month

SABAH’s April Athlete of the Month is the duo of Lettie Cartonia and Robin Pajak, both participants in the Saturday morning program at the Hamburg Town Rink.  Since the two are best friends and house mates, there was unanimous agreement that they be named together for the honor of Athlete of the Month.  

The pair of friends share many similarities, including the fact that they both began skating with SABAH in 2007.  They both share an excitement for skating, as well as for their post-skating lunches at Subway or McDonalds.  Both women, well into their forties and challenged by disability, also remain active in the summer by playing softball for the Yankees of the Touching Bases Softball League. Although there are few differences between the two friends, Robin tends to be the quieter of the two, preferring to talk to people one on one or to quietly share the news of the day.  While Lettie is quite small in stature, she is certainly the more outgoing and vocal of the pair. 

Both Lettie and Robin have found amazing support from Kathy Saab, a remarkably compassionate and devoted volunteer who brings them to each session and, when necessary, advocates for the health and wellness of both women.  Lettie and Robin adore Kathy, with Lettie enthusiastically announcing Kathy’s arrival by exclaiming “Kathy’s back!” each week at the Hamburg Rink.  While we celebrate Robin and Lettie’s commitment to SABAH, we recognize that their strength and well-being has been a result of Kathy’s commitment to both women.  In honor of three very strong and dedicated women, we are pleased to announce that Lettie Cartonia and Robin Pajak (with the support of Kathy Saab) are SABAH’s Athlete of the Month for April.