Kelly O’Donnell – 2018 August Athlete of the Month

She’s the apple of her family’s eye! And we feel exactly the same way about SABAH athlete, Kelly O’Donnell. Kelly is deeply loved by her family, as well as her SABAH family at the Hamburg Rink program. Each week, Kelly’s devoted family attends the Saturday morning sessions to support the 15 year old SABAH athlete. Her dad, Mike, has been one of Kelly’s faithful volunteers since they began with SABAH in 2015. Together, they have enjoyed learning new routines and making friends with their fellow skaters and volunteers in the weekend program.

Although she is sweet and shy, Kelly has a feisty spirit that has motivated her to quickly progress to independent skating. Over the past three years, SABAH has enjoyed watching Kelly grow in confidence and strength. Kelly’s determination has also led her to develop into a strong and capable hockey player in SABAH’s Adaptive Hockey program. “Kelly is remarkably focused on improving her skills,” states SABAH’s Executive Director Sheila O’Brien. “Kelly’s dedication and work ethic make her a tremendous role model for other SABAH athletes challenged by disability, as she continually sets high goals for herself and then surpasses them.” For all of her efforts to grow stronger and more capable, we are pleased to name Kelly O’Donnell as the 2018 August Athlete of the Month.