Johnathon Miller – June Athlete of the Month

He’s Mr. Popular in Group 1 at Niagara University! So, it’s hard to believe that seven years ago, Johnathon Miller arrived at SABAH as an incredibly shy and quiet seven year old who skated with his devoted mom, Deanna. Since that time, Johnathon has skated alongside his two sisters and his former teacher, Kevin Brick, who he calls “Mr. Kevin”. All along the way, SABAH has had the privilege of watching Johnathon grow into an outgoing and social young man with lots of wonderful friends in the Niagara University program.

As much as Johnathon loves skating on Wednesday evenings at Niagara University, he also discovered his passion for playing hockey in SABAH’s Adaptive Ice Hockey program. A student at North Tonawanda High School, Johnathon has always loved sports and hockey. This year, his skills improved to the point where he could participate in the hockey program, which is limited to SABAH’s more advanced skaters. “Watching the joy on Johnathon’s face as he played hockey was inspirational,” stated Executive Director Sheila O’Brien. “He loved competing and he loved being part of the game. It makes you realize how important it is to offer athletes with special needs, like Johnathon, the chance to play sports like other athletes.”

Since Johnathon began skating with SABAH, he has grown into a natural leader and role model. He not only improved his skating abilities, but he has also become a friend to everyone around him. For all the joy he brings to the Niagara University program and the Adaptive Ice Hockey program, we are pleased to name Johnathon Miller as the 2019 June Athlete of the Month.