Gracie McGory – December 2018 Athlete of the Month

In 2003, Gracie McGory had just turned 3 years old when her father, Leo McGory, brought her to her first SABAH session at the Hamburg Town Rink.  Since that time, the father-daughter duo has become central to the Hamburg “family” during Saturday morning sessions.

Now 18 years old, Gracie is an affectionate SABAH athlete who is always concerned for others, both on and off the ice.  Whenever someone falls or is sad, Gracie is the first to make sure they are okay.  As someone who cares deeply for her friends, Gracie is also one of our most enthusiastic celebrators of birthdays!

Gracie’s enthusiasm also carries over to her skating, as she is always one of the first to arrive at the rink on Saturday mornings.  As her father says, “It is easier to just come early than try to contain Gracie’s excitement at home.”  Once at the rink, Gracie is a hard worker who is very eager to prepare for the annual Celebration on Ice show.  As the season advances, so does Gracie’s anticipation for the show.  “One of my favorite things each year at the ice show is watching Gracie’s expression when she steps onto the ice at the KeyBank Center,” states Executive Director Sheila O’Brien.  “Although it may be her 15th show, she still continues to be in awe of the experience.”

For her dedication to SABAH and her concern for her fellow athletes, we are pleased to name Gracie McGory as the 2018 December Athlete of the Month.