Gina Maczo – October Athlete of the Month

SABAH’s Athlete of the Month for October is Gina Maczo, a vibrant and hard-working athlete who participates in our Wednesday evening program at Niagara University.  At 21 Years of age, Gina has been skating with SABAH for just two years.  Each week, Gina comes into the rink with a constant smile and an eagerness to take on new challenges.

Gina’s primary goal is to skate independently.  In spite of some nervousness, Gina stretches herself a little more each week to relinquish her Rifton Walker.  “Gina is so determined that she talks through her goals before she gets on the ice,” states Executive Director Sheila O’Brien. “She will then stare down her Rifton Walker as if she is going into battle.  She is absolutely determined to skate without it.”   Gina also works so hard that she works up quite a sweat, requiring someone to take off her jacket halfway through each session. With the encouragement of her fellow athletes and volunteers in Niagara’s Group 1, Gina continues to grow stronger and more self-reliant.

Gina is also a wonderful role model for other athletes challenged by disability, as she bravely tries every new skill presented to her, even if she is somewhat fearful.  Her joyful spirit and determination are an inspiration for everyone around her. For her strong resolve and tremendous courage, SABAH is pleased to name Gina Maczo as the 2018 October Athlete of the Month.