David Tyler – 2019 July Athlete of the Month

He has the warmest heart, the kindest spirit, and the most joyful attitude.  David Tyler is the truest version of a gentleman, as he thoughtfully lifts everyone around him with his warm compliments and cheerful greetings.  Although he is 65 years of age and completely blind, David is a youthful and fearless SABAH athlete who enjoys the most complex routines.  Each season, David eagerly volunteers to take his place at the outer edge of a pinwheel with his devoted volunteer, Jennifer Rockenstein.

Since David began skating with SABAH almost 30 years ago at the former Memorial Auditorium, he has climbed the ranks to the most advanced group at the Riverside Rink. Largely because of his tremendous trust in Jennifer and his strong work ethic, David has grown stronger during his three decades with SABAH.  SABAH’s Director of Programming, Carrie Drabik, states, “I remember skating with David at the Memorial Auditorium.  It was so much fun to watch him progress and perform the routine.  He has the most beautiful heart and is so caring.” 

David is also a SABAH athlete who is inspirational in life as well as during programming.  He has phenomenal voice recognition and will respond to each person by name when he hears his/her voice from anywhere in the rink.  With his own trademark soft raspy voice, David will instantly turn and greet his friends with a sweet smile and a strong handshake.  In spite of the challenges of disability, David has a positive attitude and tenacity that make him a model for SABAH athletes, as well as for anyone who faces adversity.  With gratitude for all the joy he shares with his fellow athletes and volunteers at the Riverside Rink, SABAH is pleased to name David Tyler as the 2019 July Athlete of the Month.