Dan Carey January Athlete of the Month

He’s a joyful spirit who loves to move to the music!  “Rockin’ Dan” Carey is a 41 year old SABAH athlete who has been skating with the Northtown Center at Amherst group since 2002.  A strong skater, Dan keeps pace with the music as he flies around the ice with his SABAH volunteer, Dan Haugeto. The dynamic duo of “Dans” continue to put in the hard work, earning Dan Carey a spot in the Advanced Group where he easily keeps pace with SABAH’s strongest skaters.  

In addition to his proficient skating skills, Dan is also a thoughtful and kind friend to his fellow SABAH athletes.  As one of the taller athletes, Dan’s gentleness is very evident when he is around some of SABAH’s much smaller and younger athletes. “Dan is a very gentle soul who is eager to watch over and protect the younger athletes,” states SABAH’s Executive Director, Sheila O’Brien.  “Although he has a larger stature, he is quiet and considerate, always looking out for those around him.”

Dan is also a true friend to his housemate and fellow SABAH athlete, Glen Martin.  Dan and Glen are the best of friends with complementary personalities. While Dan is contemplative and reserved, Glen is outgoing and talkative.  The pair arrive at SABAH each week together and share a love for skating.  

Dan has also become very good friends with fellow SABAH athlete, Ray Robinson.  Ray, a very capable SABAH skater and hockey player, began to assist Dan on the days when Dan Haugeto was unavailable.  During those sessions, the two enjoy talking and working together as their friendship continues to grow.

For the better part of the last two decades, SABAH has been a part of Dan’s life.  During that time, SABAH has watched Dan grow as an athlete and as a friend to his fellow Northtown Center participants and volunteers.  For all of his hard work and kindness, SABAH is pleased to name Dan Carey as the 2020 SABAH Athlete of the Month.