Craig Donatelli – March 2019 Athlete of the Month

Craig “Hollywood” Donatelli is a star.  Actually, if there is something brighter than a star, “Hollywood” would be that.  He’s charming, wise, kind, thoughtful, and hard working.  He’s also tender enough to notice everyone’s moods or attitudes, but tough enough to persevere past anyone’s preconceived notions about individuals with disabilities, especially when it comes to Down Syndrome.  Although Craig is very intuitive regarding the perceptions of others, he rarely lets those misguided beliefs affect him or slow him down.  In fact, Craig is one of the region’s advocates for individuals with disabilities, as he routinely speaks to community groups, politicians, and the media regarding the opportunities and challenges of those with special needs.  At 30 years of age, Craig capably demonstrates that he has much to contribute to this community.  He is a dedicated and conscientious employee at Denny’s, while living with a large degree of independence in a house with his friends and fellow SABAH athletes, affectionately dubbed as “The Men of High Park.” 

Over the past 7 years, Craig has grown to become a very strong skater in SABAH’s Riverside Rink program.  During the Tuesday evening program, he is also a continually positive and cheerful leader.  From the minute Craig arrives at the rink, the atmosphere changes.  He walks in and instantly shakes everyone’s hand, a tribute to the confident young man he has become.  At some point in each session, his light-hearted nature and joyful personality bring a smile to just about everyone in the rink. As a wonderful example of perseverance and dedication, SABAH is pleased to honor Craig “Hollywood” Donatelli as the 2019 March Athlete of the Month.