August Athlete of the Month – Nancy E. Connor

SABAH’s 2019 Athlete of the Month for August does it all! She skates, volunteers, sews costumes, and makes amazing baskets for SABAH’s Starlight Night Auction and Gala’s silent auction. She is incredible!

Since 1996. Nancy E. Connor, has been a participant in the Saturday morning program at the Hamburg Town Rink. As a SABAH athlete, Nancy has grown into a capable skater in Group 3, the most advanced at the Hamburg Town Rink program. Nancy is a hard-working participant who has grown stronger with each season. While Nancy works on her own skating skills, she also thoughtfully takes the time to assist her fellow SABAH athletes. Nancy is a role model to younger participants, as she capably demonstrates her progress by transitioning from SABAH athlete to becoming both an athlete and a volunteer.

Nancy also shares her many other talents with SABAH! If you have been to a Celebration on Ice show, you’ve probably seen the results of Nancy’s creative sewing abilities. Nancy, who works side by side with her mother and dedicated SABAH volunteer, Nancy T., is a tremendous seamstress who has designed and sewn many of SABAH’s costumes over the past decade. Without any fanfare, Nancy uses her skills to make some very intricate and beautiful costumes for her fellow SABAH athletes to wear for the annual show. Although she works long hours on the costumes, sometimes right up until the day of the show, she asks for little in return. Executive Director Sheila O’Brien states, “Nancy is one of the most thoughtful and giving SABAH athletes we have ever had. She quietly sews and designs many of our costumes, while asking for nothing in return.”

Nancy also joins with her mother to make many of the amazing silent auction baskets raffled during SABAH’s annual Starlight Night Auction and Gala. Each year, Nancy and her mother create unique baskets which amaze our friends and raise money for SABAH’s programs.

Although she continues to serve SABAH quietly and without any attention to herself, Nancy’s selfless acts of service provide great joy for her fellow athletes. With gratitude for her hard work and innumerable contributions over the past 13 years, SABAH is pleased to name Nancy E. Connor as the 2019 August Athlete of the Month.