Amy Hartman – September Athlete of the Month

For the vast majority of her life, 36 year old Amy Hartman has been a SABAH athlete.  Amy began skating with SABAH back in 1991 at the former Memorial Auditorium back when she was just 9 years old.  Over the years, Amy has developed into a very skilled and strong skater in the Northtown Center at Amherst’s Group 3.  Because of her hard work and determination, Amy has grown into a leadership role where she is a key figure in the group’s routine at the annual Celebration on Ice show.

Amy’s kindness and work ethic, as well as the joyful cheers coming from Amy’s father, George, continue to be an inspiration to her fellow athletes in the Sunday morning program.  Amy has been such an advocate of SABAH’s Northtown Center at Amherst program that several of her closest friends and housemates have also joined the weekend program.  Friends including Sarah, Leah, Dana, and Tina have all followed Amy’s lead to skate with SABAH!

Amy has also been a versatile SABAH athlete who has enjoyed the assistance of many volunteers over the years.  As a capable SABAH athlete, Amy has allowed us to partner her with different volunteers to accommodate the needs of other athletes at the Northtown Center at Amherst.  Since the Amherst program is SABAH’s largest Evening and Weekend program, we have been grateful for Amy’s flexibility and openness to be paired with different partners.  Not only does Amy continue to embrace the opportunity to meet new volunteers, but she can enthusiastically name all of her past volunteers and remains friends with nearly all of them!

SABAH has had the great privilege of watching Amy grow into a stronger SABAH athlete, as well as a delightful young woman.  For her many contributions to the Northtown Center at Amherst Sunday morning program, we are pleased to name Amy as the 2018 September Athlete of the Month.