Alex Osiadlo – November 2018 Athlete of the Month

She’s spicy, fun, caring, fearless… and just a touch strong-willed. “Alex Osiadlo is one of a kind,” states Executive Director, Sheila O’Brien. “While she is known for being candid and fun-loving, Alex is also a tremendous role model for people with disabilities, as she can be a very powerful advocate for herself.”

Alex, “the skater formerly known as Lexie”, is a SABAH athlete who has grown stronger and more capable since her first days at SABAH in 1998. At 27 years of age, the feisty athlete has become an integral part of the advanced group at the Riverside Rink on Tuesday evenings, as well as a needed volunteer for SABAH’s School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program. Whether she is on the ice as an athlete or a volunteer, Alex is very compassionate to those around her. During the week day, SABAH has a great need for volunteers for the School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program. Alex faithfully volunteers every Wednesday morning to assist with some of SABAH’s most physically intensive classes. She is a remarkable volunteer at a time when SABAH needs her assistance the most.

Alex is also a courageous and versatile athlete who is active in SABAH’s Adaptive Ice Hockey program. With a competitive spirit and a deep love for the Sabres, Alex is an annual participant in this advanced program designed to improve the skills of the organization’s most capable skaters.

Alex, along with her father and dedicated SABAH volunteer, Ozzie Osiadlo, has become integral to the Evening and Weekend program, the Adaptive Ice Hockey program, and the School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program. Rising from skater to all around SABAH athlete and volunteer, SABAH is pleased to honor Alex Osiadlo as the November 2018 Athlete of the Month.