When Abby Yates arrives at SABAH, the rink instantly brightens.  Abby has an angelic face and a warm, wide smile that captures the hearts of both SABAH volunteers and her fellow athletes.  Although she is quite shy and nonverbal, Abby is eternally cheerful and kind to those around her.  Because of her warmth and optimism, she is always enthusiastically greeted at the door with many hugs and happy faces.

As one of SABAH’s most active athletes, Abby annually participates in two of SABAH’s six programs.  Abby first began with SABAH in 1999, when she started participating in the Hamburg weekend program.  After many years in the Saturday morning program, she began attending the Adults Fit and Fun program with her group from the Heritage Centers.  In both programs, Abby works very diligently to complete each task she is given.  Her dedication and hard work has paid off, as she has made tremendous improvements in her skating skills, nutritional knowledge, and physical activity over the years.  For her enthusiasm, dedication, and joyful spirit, SABAH is pleased to name Abby Yates as the 2017 June Athlete of the Month.