2019 November Athlete of the Month David Conner

David Conner is the lighthearted and fun-loving athlete of SABAH’s Advanced Group at the Riverside Rink. A free-spirited 22 year old, David enjoys playing practical jokes on SABAH’s Director of Programming, Carrie Drabik. When it is time to take the ice and get started, David teases Carrie by going to the bench and pretending to sit out. With a twinkle in his eye, he grins while he waits for her to chase him back out on the ice to join his fellow SABAH athletes in Group 3.

David’s charm and wit are matched only by his determination and hard work. Since David joined SABAH five years ago, he has speedily progressed from the Intermediate Group, where he spent just two years, to the Advanced Group, where he has mastered many of the group’s most complex routines.

David is also a particularly thoughtful and compassionate friend to his fellow SABAH athletes. Like a true teammate, David will instantly gravitate to anyone who is upset or sad and try to offer his consolation. If someone falls on the ice, he is often the first to notice and will try to quickly lend his assistance. David also enjoys talking to his fellow athletes about the new skills they are learning and the progress the group is making each week. He also loves sharing his passion for toy cars, which are usually carried in his pockets, and will often show his friends the ones he has brought with him that week.

Over the past several years, SABAH has had the tremendous privilege of watching David grow from a teenager into a confident and determined young man. For all his strength and perseverance, we are pleased to name David as the 2019 November Athlete of the Month.